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                                                              Vanadyl Sulfate Product name : Vanadyl Sulfate
                                                              Product Category:Health care products and pharmaceutical intermediates/Vanadic salts;
                                                              CAS No.: 27774-13-6
                                                              MW:163.0 (as anhydrous)
                                                              Characters:It is blue crystal containing crystallization water (50%), easily soluble in water.
                                                              Vanadyl Sulfate
                                                              VRB grade
                                                              Assay(on dry basis) %
                                                              Iron (Fe) %
                                                              Pentavalent vanadium %
                                                              Non-precipitate in ammonia water%

                                                              Product Usage: It can boost the absorption of nutritive element by muscle cells, increase the reserves of inositol, lower the fatty content. It's the main raw material for Vanadium Redox Battery(VRB) making, as well.
                                                              Packaging:25kg cardboard drum with double plastic liners.
                                                              Storage Precautions:Store in a tightly closed container, keep away from heat and open flame. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.The goods have toxic danger and no other dangers. The goods are suggested to be as Class6.1(Toxic Substances)for sea transport.UN2931,Packing Group II.
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