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                                                              Copper sulfate-ammonia complex Product name : Copper sulfate-ammonia complex
                                                              Product Category:Pesticides/Cupric salts;
                                                              CAS No.: 7646-79-9
                                                              Formula:{ [Cu(NC3)4]2+2- }X: anion, such as:Cl- 、SO4- 、NO3- etc.
                                                              MW:[Cu(NC3)4]2+ =131.5
                                                              Characters:Deep blue solution, its solution is basic, with amine odor, soluble in water.
                                                              Copper sulfate-ammonia complex solution
                                                              Technical grade
                                                              Agricultural grade
                                                              Assay(Cu) %
                                                              ≥ 22
                                                              ≥ 21
                                                              ≥ 10
                                                              Water insoluble%

                                                              Product Usage: Copper sulfate-ammonia complex is used in the control of various diseases caused by epiphyte, bacteria and mould, boost the growth of plants' root and leaves, increase the content of chlorophyll, strengthen photosynthesis. Common diseases include
                                                              (l)anthracnose with eggplant and hot pepper, anthrax
                                                              (2)blight with water-melon, cucumber and kidney bean
                                                              (3)downy mildew with cucumber, early blight with tomato etc.
                                                              Packaging:25kg cardboard drum, lined with double-layer plastic bag
                                                              Storage Precautions:Stored in dry, draughty and cool warehouse; protect against dampness or fire., handle with care
                                                              MSDS: Download
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