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                                                              Copper Chloride Basic Product name : Copper Chloride Basic
                                                              Product Category:Cupric salts;Feed additives;Health care products and pharmaceutical intermediates/Cupric salts;
                                                              Other name : Cupric Chloride Basic, Copper(II)Chloride Basic,Copper Oxychloride
                                                              CAS No.: 1332-65-6
                                                              MW:427.11(as anhydride)
                                                              Characters:Green crystal or crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acids and ammonia water.
                                                              Copper Chloride Basic
                                                              Agricultural grade
                                                              Technical grade
                                                              Copper content (Cu) %
                                                              Assay %
                                                              Acid insoluble %
                                                              Arsenic (As)%
                                                              Camium (Cd)%
                                                              Fineness(250-mesh sieve residue) %

                                                              Product Usage: It is used for cupric salts, feed additives, bactericides and absorbent of carbon dioxide in the air.
                                                              Packaging:25Kg carboard drum with double PE liners
                                                              Storage Precautions:Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. Closed tightly to prevent dampness.
                                                              MSDS: Download
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